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I love Clive/Flora! Don't you think that would their similar backgrounds, and Flora's gentle nature, they'd be perfect for each other? He'd keep her safe (and actually pay attention to her!) and she'd help him deal with all his problems. It's like, the perfect match! Well, thank you for creating this tumblr. It's wonderful!
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Aww, thank you! You just made me really happy.

Honestly, Clive and Flora are pretty much alike. He lost his parents. She lost her parents. She could be the solution to his problems! And, in Unwound/Lost Future, I truly believe he only kidnapped her to keep her safe, from anything that could happen while Clive’s evil plan was in charge.


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This blog makes me SO HAPPEH. And here I thought Clive/Flora shippers were scarce.

I’m glad we’re making our followers happy.


And, I, as well, thought there were no shippers of this one pairing. All I hear is hate about Clive/Flora.


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